Stacy’s First Time

When Stacy turned 19 she was forced to move out of her parents’ home by her stepdad. She had a bit of a wild side, and Jim her stepdad was simply tired of dealing with her. He gave her enough money to rent a small apartment. But Stacy still had to find a job to pay for other things. After looking around at the wanted ads, Stacy was disappointed to find most jobs paid very little. So, she took her search for a job online. After looking at a few job websites, she decided to try something a little different. After visiting this escort website, Stacy finally decided what she wanted to do with her life.

The next day, Stacy contacted an escort agency and right away they offered her an escort position. She was a very beautiful girl with large natural breasts that most men found hard to ignore. The escort service told Stacy it would be a few days before they would call her. But just two days had past and the service informed her that she had her first client lined up. This made Stacy very happy but very nervous at the same time. The escort service offered Stacy a very handsome fee which most escorts only dream of. She was very happy to be one of the well-paid escorts but not sure how the night would go.

The afternoon came and it was time for Stacy to take on her first client. Before the date, she dressed in a short and sexy black dress that showed off her best assets. The plunging neckline of the dress showed off Stacy’s ample natural breasts. She took a cab to a very fancy seafood restaurant where she met her client. The dinner date went well and Stay felt less nervous about the situation. Paul, the client, made her feel comfortable and the two really hit it off. After drinking a few bottles of wine after dinner, the pair left the restaurant and headed to Paul’s hotel room.

The pair of adults made their way up the elevator and into a very nice hotel suite. After getting in the room, Paul started kissing her on the lips. This made Stacy very horny and she slowly undressed herself revealing her big beautiful breasts. Paul also took his clothes off and started kissing Stacy all over her body. Then, Paul laid her on the bed and slowly put his manhood inside her. This made Stacy scream with delight and the pair had passionate sex for more than an hour. In the end, Stacy and Paul climaxed and they were both happy with the experience.

After that night, Stacy was hooked on her new job. She now makes good money and she is great at what she does. Stacy plans to be an escort for as long as she can. She loves her job and can afford to live the life she always dreamed of!

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